Björnkärrsvägen 17, Täby, Stockholm Sweden

C-nose Electricity

C-nose is installed underneath the transformator to detect the leakage of oil and warn the service team via the cloud. the signal is sent through the platform to maintanence when transformator oil is leaked into the water tanks beneath.

C-nose grain

Grain quality is one of the most important issues in agriculture today. In order to find unwanted molds and contaminations and eliminate them during the process, many methods have been developed and used often expensive and time consuming.

C-nose security

Detecting the dangerous gases in industries and storage facilities is another important issue, c-sense has developed a better solution for. C-nose detects and warns when a predefined gas I presented in the environment.

C nose air quality control

C nose can smell everything we want it to smell. Different sensors will react with different elements and cam alert another system to purify the environment.

C-nose drugs

The detection of drugs has always been done by trained dogs. This method while effective, is very time consuming and very expensive. Our electronic nose is capable of detecting different drugs and even determining the type of the drug.

Future plans

C- Nose farmers

A portable electronic nose is being planned to be developed in order for farmers to be able to smell the crops and determine the possibility of the presence of mold in the environment. In this way. The harvest will be purer and cost effective since the farmer will be able decide whether to ship the harvest to the storage facilities or not

C Nose Drones

The electronic nose will be attached to a drone in order to detect the unwanted smells in the air over a vast field. With this method the measurement speed will be a lot higher, but the nose should become smaller and run on battery and send the signal to the bac end wirelessly.

C Nose Cancer

A very strong electronic nose id being designed today in order to separate the cancerous cells from the healthy ones. With this solution obtaining a faster result from an autopsy will be possible.

C Nose International

Different types of contaminations are possible to detect with c-nose. Depending on the temperature and humidity in different regions and different countries, different types of molds grow which need to be detected.

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