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c-sense has a close cooperation with KTH, Lantmännen, SLU, Securitas and many other universities and companies. Our electronic noses is being used today in in the fields of security, hospitals, police and agriculture.
We assist companies with the detection of mold, cancer cells, bombs and drugs, dangerous gases, alcohol percentage and even ethanol levels in petroleum.

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Our work with Swedish match, Opsis and Perten so far has proven to be very interesting, causing for different new ideas to blossom. If you are interested in working with us, let us know about your company and what we can do together.

What company

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Are you a farmer and have experienced problem with your harvest when it comes to molds and bad smells in your storage facilities, then you need an electronic nose to detect the molds and help you remove the infectious parts.

Food industry

Unwanted elements in storage facilities and in food industry are always worrisome. An electronic nose will help you detect and remove the rotten parts and saves you tremendous amount of money


We should never wait for the fire to spread and then try to fight it. Our electronic nose detects the dangerous gases in the environment and alarms the responsible program or organization.


The level of alcohol in Beer and alcohol industry is one of the most challenging issues. With the help of our electronic nose you can easily decide which method to use in order to obtain the perfect amount of alcohol in your products.


Recent technologies brings us new and alternative fuel instead of fossil fuel to burn in our cars. We are using ethanol and other types of gases in our cars today and in order to obtain the good product an electronic nose is a perfect instrument to assist you in your quest.