Björnkärrsvägen 17, Täby, Stockholm Sweden

C-sense electronic nose detects cancer cells

Together with Sahlgränska hospital we have proven that the electronic nose is capable of differentiating the heathy cells from cancerous cells. With higher thatn 85% accuracy we can determine whether a patient has cancer or not. This result will be improved in our upcoming tests.

C-sense runs tests to detect bombs in cooperation with the Swedish police

Together with the Swedish police we have tested and shown that our electronic nose is capable of showing and detecting different explosive materials. With the help of our device detecting whether a box contains explosive material or not and of what kind, is now possible without the need of destroying the box or using b...

C-sense granted fund by Vinova

C-sense is proud for being granted a fund to develop a prototype of the electronic nose to be used to detect different snus types and design a device for food industry. This device will help differentiate different types of wine and snus to help the quality control for Swedish match

C-sense in colaboration with SLU (Svenska Lantbruks Universitet)

Together with SLU, c-sense is developing a method to detect mold in grains. Culturing the mold in grains and testing them with other more time consuming and more expensive methods and finally testing the samples with our electric nose, we are determining the usage of our nose in grain industry in order to detect molds ...

C-sense deliver electrical nose to Lantmännen

10 February 2016

C-sense has recently delivered the first reliable electrical nose (referred to as Mark III) to the Swedish company Lantmännen. It will be used to detect oxalate, fungal proteins and related volatile components in grains. Many breweries worldwide have had and still have problems with gushing in beer. The brewing indust...

C-sense granted by lantmännen

Lantmännen has recently granted c-sense with a substantial sum to collaborate with SLU in order to determine the use of electronic nose in agriculture industry. The result will determine the accuracy of the nose to be used in harvests coming to storage point and mold infected harvest will be easily detected and separa...

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