C Suav

A long range, versatile compact, affordable and best-in-class Swedish High Tech UAV

CSense has developed a UAV (Sparvhök) with unique best-in-class features

  • Versatility of applications (combination with cameras, electronic nose, magnetometer, Geiger counter , etc.– supported by cognitive software and autopilot from MicroPilot)
  • Robust and simple to use with state-of-the-art adpatative navigation systems
  • Unparalleled combination : range x payload (> 120 lb x hr)

Proven track record in extreme conditions (weather, radioactive environment)

Business applications are numerous

  • Energy: Oil & Gas (Pipeline / facilities leakage detection, network integrity, offshore platform technical inspection) ; Renewables (PV cell integrity, Installation inspection) ; Nuclear (Radioactivity detection)
  • Security (Surveillance & Patrolling) ; Infrastructures (Construction quality monitoring) ; Industry (Leakage / thermal detection
  • Agricultures (Crop maturity, disease detection) ; Environment (Air quality measurement)

A very competitive offer for Swedish High Tech

Key specifications at a glance – Best in Class capabilities

Sparvhök Specifications
Engine Power 2.1 hp (1.566 kW) at sea level
Span 3.46 m
Length 2.2 m
Height 0.675 m
Payload weight 4.6 kg
Empty Weight 7.4 kg
Max Launch Weight 12 kg
Maximum Speed 200 km/h
Cruise speed 70-150 km/h
Stall speed (8kg) 47 km/h
Service ceiling (8 kg) 2.5 km
Endurance (at 300 m & P = 2.0 hp) 12 h
Take-off distance 30 m
Launch & recovery scheme Runway

C-SUAV combines a unique set of advantages making it a superior offer


Versatility – C-SUAV is modular can be equipped with a variety of sensors which can be easily changed or paired


Versatility – C-SUAV can be used in a huge variety of sectors


Versatility – SUAV can be used in a variety of applications


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