C Nose

like a man's and dog´s sense of smell, C-nose detects and identifies various substances. This electronic nose was originally developed in the 1990's to detect explosives – which was done with 100% accuracy.
C-sense later adapted the electronic nose to also detect ovarian cancer with a sensitivity of 93.4% and specificity of 91.4% (tested on about 400 biopsies) – a result that can save lives. Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer among women with more than 100 000 diagnosed cases per year in Europe, the US and Japan and is expected to increase with an aging population.

The electronic nose can detect and distinguish between various types of explosives, e.g. Dynamex, Prillit, etc.
The electronic nose has shown a documented efficiency (88 – 92%) in detecting ovarian cancer from biopsies.
  Narcotic Drugs
The electronic nose has been tested on (synthetic) drugs and found to be able to detect and distinguish between various types
Several tests have been performed using the enose on the final food product as well as on batches in the production line.

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